What users say about Who Else

  • "With our ever decreasing pool of librarians it is important for our remaining Library staff to have access to these 2 [Who Else and Who Next] valuable resources"
    (public library)
  • "I find this site fantastic. If I find an author I tend to read all the books they have written then start wondering who else I would like, now I go to this site and choose one."
    (individual subscriber)
  • "Very good site. We use it for housebound readers avid readers who require new authors. I like the crossover section and genre sections.
    (public library)
  • "Thank you for your fabulously useful site….."
    (public library)
  • ...The work is a reference icon...
    (Reference Reviews)
  • Found this really helpful, especially trying to find library books for my mother! ... ... Have introduced my mother and myself to some new authors which we would never have read before.
  • Who Else Writes Like...? is an invaluable compendium of information about the most popular fiction authors. Highly recommended - a "must have" for fiction libraries.
    (Library Management journal)
  • We all raved about WEWL and said it was our 'bible' and how much we all loved it and relied on it!
    (Quote from Reference Librarians' Meeting in Australia)
  • An immensely valuable guide for assisting choices for older readers ... When the range of normal 'adult' fiction a school can stock may necessarily be limited this guide assists in pointing readers towards authors in genres and styles which suit them as readers...
    (The School Librarian)
  • An essential tool for Public Libraries, and also valuable for school libraries.
    (Library Management journal)
  • This publication is a must for the puzzled assistant on the library enquiry desk ... the browser in the book shop (not to mention the crossword puzzler).
    (Saga Magazine)
  • It is a basic and much consulted reference tool at enquiry desks in UK public libraries ... It is a remarkable compilation of information, and a good title to start a conversation in a staff room - see if you disagree with their "writes like"!
    (Library Management journal)
  • Who Else Writes Like ...? is fantastic for genre writing of all kinds ... must be a godsend to librarians ... to my mind the most valuable feature: a list of characters who appear frequently in books.
    (Turning pages, The Age, www.theage.com.au)
  • 'Who else writes like?' has introduced me to some excellent writers ... I have only a lifetime to read, so I am grateful to this for widening my literary horizons while I am still young ...
    (Henry Girling, Shelf Life, British Library)
  • Its aim is to offer a series of starting points for readers in search of new territories which are similar to the ones they have already conquered.
    (West Sussex Gazette)
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