An Introduction to Who Else...?

Who Else Writes Like...? is recognised as a standard work to help introduce both book borrowers and buyers to novelists whose work is unfamiliar to them. It is designed to answer the perennial question "I've read all the books by this author, who else writes like that?"

Once logged in, you can simply follow the links to find an author whose books you like, and see which other writers are recommended underneath.

There are lots of ways to search Who Else...?, for help, see our Key website features page (under the Information tab).

Many authors now have their own websites; links to these are included in their entry. If an author has a prize-winning title, there is a link to this and other winners, going back to 1970, where known; earlier winners can sometimes be found on the prize website.

Some titles written by authors included in this website may be suitable for young adult readers, who are in the process of 'crossing-over' from reading books appropriate for children to tackling adult novels.

Author Selection

The book was first published under this title in 1993 and was designed to help fiction readers who have read all the books by their favourite authors and are seeking new names to try. Of course, no author writes exactly like another, but the selection of alternatives provided here should help to narrow the choices from the hundreds of titles available.

The basis for the initial selection of authors were those who were the most borrowed according to the lists compiled by the Registrar of Public Lending Right. These are supplemented with names suggested by a small team of volunteer advisors based in libraries in different parts of the United Kingdom and also in Australia. As a general rule the author should have had three novels published; only in the exceptional circumstance of a first novel becoming a prize winner or an outstanding publishing success would such an author be included. There are over 3,000 entries which will be extended in this online edition with regular updates.


It is almost impossible to identify accurately individual authors with one particular section of genre fiction; often there is no 'cut-off' point between, for instance, War and Adventure; between Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror; or between Historical and Saga. So, users will find, under the names of each author, the genre in which they usually write.

Some genre categories have been sub-divided to help readers find writers they will enjoy.

Do remember that some authors use a different name when they write in another genre, while others will produce an occasional book which is quite different in character to their usual style. Always look at the book cover and the introduction before you borrow or purchase.

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