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News, Website updates 06.07.2023
  • Greig Beck (Adventure/Thriller; Horror; Mystery; Myths, Folktales and Legends; Science Fiction)
  • Meg Bignell (Chick Lit; Humour)
  • Andrew Caldecott (Historical; Mystery; Science Fiction; Science Fiction > Near future)
  • Maxine Beneba Clarke (General)
  • Claire G Coleman (General; LGBT; Science Fiction; Science Fiction > Near future/Space opera)
  • Nick Cutter (Horror)
  • Annie Darling (Chick Lit; Romance)
  • Robert Dugoni (Adventure/Thriller; Adventure/Thriller > Legal/financial/Spy; Crime; Crime > C20th/Police work (US)
  • Claire Gradidge (Crime: Amateur sleuth, C20th, Cosy mystery, Historical; Historical > C20th/Mystery)
  • Sophie Green (Australiana; Chick Lit; General)
  • Kiran Millwood Hargrave (Fantasy; General; Historical; LBGT; Myths, Folktales and Legends)
  • Grady Hendrix (Horror)
  • Emily Henry (Chick Lit; Romance)
  • Mike Hollow (Crime: C20th, Historical, Police work (UK), Thrillers)
  • Colleen Hoover (Crime > Thrillers; Mystery; Romance; Romance > Romantic suspense)
  • Sophie Irwin (Historical; Historical > C19th; Romance; Romance > C19th)
  • Stephen Graham Jones (Horror)
  • Rachel Joyce (General; Historical; Historical > C20th; Literary Fiction)
  • Bill Kitson (Crime: Amateur sleuth, Modern; Historical; Historical > C19th; Mystery; Saga)
  • Cixin Liu (Science Fiction; Science Fiction > Near future, and Space and time)
  • Andrea Mara (Adventure/Thriller; Adventure/Thriller > Psychological; Crime > Psychological)
  • Meg Mason (General)
  • C K McDonnell (Fantasy: Humour, Magic, Myth, Urban; Mystery)
  • Caimh McDonnell (Adventure/Thriller; Adventure/Thriller > PI; Crime; Crime > Humour/Modern/PI/Police work (Ireland)
  • Ada Moncrieff (Crime > Amateur sleuth/Cosy mystery)
  • Graham Norton (Crime; General; Humour; Mystery)
  • Kayte Nunn (General; Historical; Historical > Mystery; Mystery)
  • Tony Park (Adventure/Thriller; Crime)
  • Natasha Pulley (Fantasy > Literary/Myth; Historical & Historical C19th/C20th; LBGT; Myths, Folktales and Legends)
  • Jennifer Ryan (Chick Lit > Mature; Historical; Historical C20th)
  • Chuck Wendig (Adventure/Thriller; Fantasy > Urban; Horror; Science Fiction)
  • Pip Williams (General; Historical > C19th/C20th)
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