The publisher, Fiction Explorer Ltd, would like to thank all those who have helped to bring together this online resource. In particular the editor, Ian Baillie, whose continued hard work and commitment has made it possible to bring this invaluable online resource to you the user.

Fiction Explorer Ltd would also like to acknowledge the crucial role of the small team of advisors, from across the UK and in Australia, who provide support to the editor. They have helped refine the list of authors to give information on more than 2,600 writers of fiction. Choosing which authors to include, which to omit, and who writes like whom, is a carefully considered process, and takes full advantage of their skills and experience.


  • Carolyn Huckfield, retired librarian
  • Jeanne Huse, Librarian and previous editor of

Fiction Explorer Ltd is also indebted to David Atkins for creating, developing and supporting the first incarnation of Who Else Writes Like…? as a web resource. His enthusiasm, guidance and expertise were instrumental to the success of the website.

The publisher would like to express gratitude to Sharon Fletcher for her enthusiasm and commitment to this online resource and to Helen Greenwood for her guidance and leadership. Mary Ashworth is also thanked for her past dedication to Who Else.

Fiction Explorer Ltd is also indebted to Rock Kitchen Harris for creating, developing and supporting this website.

About the editors

In 2010 Ian Baillie took early retirement after 40 years as a librarian working in public libraries. He began his career as a mobile librarian in the spectacular countryside around Loch Lomond, briefly worked as reference librarian in Clydebank Library, and then spent 20 enjoyable years as stock editor, again in Clydebank Library. For Ian's final 14 years he was Senior Officer with West Dunbartonshire Libraries. Since retirement he has continued to be involved in a variety of literary projects, of which Who Else Writes Like…? has been the principal one. Ian has been an adviser since the very first edition of the book and is delighted to be able to continue the association in the role of editor.

Roy and Jeanne Huse were editors of Who Else Writes Like…? from 1993-2012. They were succeeded by Ian Baillie for the 7th edition of the book and now the updates to this site. Roy had 40 years’ experience of public library work and was County Librarian of West Sussex 1970-92. Jeanne has worked since 1954 in public, special and college libraries and was Librarian of the English-Speaking Union 1977-1991 and latterly worked as a part-time archivist until mid 2013.

A personal note from the current editor

I am extremely grateful to the team of advisors who have, and continue to help with the updating of A special mention to Jennie Bolitho and her colleagues from Melbourne, without whose advice I would have deleted an unacceptably high number of Australian authors, thus making the website less relevant to that country. Their meticulous and thoughtful contribution throughout the process was much appreciated.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my friend and former West Dunbartonshire Libraries colleague, Arthur Jones. Without Arthur's regular consultations I shudder to think what damage I might have inflicted on the project, given my ineptitude on the computer. It has been a real pleasure to work directly with Mary and Sharon, and I'd like to thank them for their constant support and for always being there when I needed advice.

From the beginning Public Lending Right has been the arbiter for the core collection of authors that form the basis of the website. I therefore greatly appreciate the help I receive from the Registrar of Public Lending Right.

I must also praise my editorial predecessors, Roy and Jeanne Huse. Having edited only one edition of the book, I can scarcely imagine the stamina and dedication required to cope with six! I have been privileged to get to know Roy and Jeanne over the years, and their friendship is greatly valued.

Finally, my wife, Claire, deserves a medal for 'living' with Who Else Writes Like...?. Fortunately she likes books!