Editor's top all-time favourite titles

The main purpose of whoelsewriteslike.com is, of course, to help guide readers from an author they already enjoy to others of similar style or content they might find equally rewarding. For some time we have considered moving on to the next stage, which involves recommending individual titles readers might like to try.

To that end, and after a lifetime of persistent reading, the editor is currently undertaking the task of choosing his all-time favourite novels. This section will comprise the editor's top 25 novels of all time, and will also include a top 10 in a number of different genres: Crime; Classics; Psychological Thrillers; Sagas; Horror, etc.

We hope that users of whoelsewriteslike.com will seek out some of these titles and see if they share the editor's tastes!

List of top 10 titles by genre

Chick Lit & Mature Chick Lit titles



Horror novels

Humorous books



War-themed books

Top 10 books written for children and young people that can readily be enjoyed by adults